Google Adwords Kick Start Course!

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Are you a small & mid-sized business looking at expanding your sales by selling online but don’t know where to start?

Look no further! Subscribe to our E-commerce SME Plan and Learn from our Google Adword Professional (Hmmm…it’s me, sorry for hard selling) on the fastest way to kickstart your e-commerce marketing. This courses comes Free for SME that subscribes to our E-commerce Plan for SME, from just RM299 / month only.

Below is the full slide of our Google Adwords Kick Start Course! (It’s not a preview! It’s full slide! and NO, we are not insane!) Feel free to download  and share it.

Why do we do that? Well, there’s NO Secrets in the slide. In the end of the day – the testing, the execution, the creativity of your copywriting will determine whether you lose or win the Internet Marketing Battle (with the ultimate winner – Google, laugh all the way to the bank, of course)

Apart from Google Adwords,  we will also reveal more on other means of Internet Marketing to kickstart your stores. Below slide is barely scratching the surface. In our complex world, you need multi-channel traffic strategies to hit the jackpot!


Google Launches Web Browser?

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Google has launched its own browsers (after rumors for so so long…) – codename “Google Chrome” to party in the crowd of IE, Firefox, Opera & Safari.

So does it mean web designers need to cater for (yet) another browser compatibility when it comes to CSS, Javascript etc? We shall see!

It better be good. Let’s see what’s the genius of Google have to offer in a browsers this time soon. The google browser download should be available anytime from now.

Google Open Source Web Browsers

Some Chrome’s Highlights

  • Includes a brand-new JavaScript virtual based Javascript compiler from a Danish group called V8.
  • Tabs wil go above the window, not below the address bar
  • Location bar will support auto-complete functions and suggests web pages you’ve previously visited (or those you haven’t)
  • There will be a privacy mode (geek terms – “Incognito” Window) that allows you to surf without saving any personal history. (interesting, wonder how google suppose to deliver us more relevant ad?)
  • Chrome will constantly download updated information about web sites with malicious codes

Understand more on Google Browsers Special Features. Or see more Google Browsers Screenshots here!


Google Qualified Advertising Professional

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Congratulation to Ethan Chong, our very main guy driving the Internet marketing efforts. He got himself a Google Qualified Advertising Professional, adding another credential under his belt.

As you know Google is an amazing database of intention – as people search, it’s an indication that you are researching for the subject or keywords and this is why Google can sell you ads alongside their organic search results.

Google Adwords is such a huge success that it contribute more than 80% of Google revenues alone. (This is why you are getting so much free services like Google App & Google Analytics from Google since the golden goose can easily finance all these “free” services).

Check out the presentation by Ethan,  titled “Top 5 mistakes Most People made in Running Google Adwords Campaign”, Have fun!

Google Qualified Advertising Professional


Quickie: Google Checkout Trends

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Have you even wondered what “sells” online?

Imagine a tool that can give you some insight (just some, but at least better than nothing) into what people are buying and selling online, this would be killer feature, right?

So Google checkout team has built Google Checkout Trends , which aggregates the sales data of Google Checkout merchants (attention, only google checkout merchants, this doesn’t take merchants who use Paypal, Bill Me Later and other means in account) and charts it in a matter of seconds showing you what’s “hot”, and what’s “not”.

So if you’re curious in how sales of Apple ipod or Microsoft Zune compare, just visit Checkout Trends for a glimpse into online shopping.

Tips – you want a better tool which can give you a better picture on what’s sought-after items? then you should checkout  ebay’s seller central on what’s HOT: They have a list of free (Ebay Pulse) and paid (marketplace research) information which will give you a good kickstart


How Google Search?

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Google secret is partly revealed in Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine


A must read in helping you to understand how Google works and how one its top secret department called “Search Quality” actually determine the fall or rise of your websites. and Yes, they are playing God – Internet God, period.

Do you know that the search-quality team actually makes about a half-dozen major and minor changes a week to the mathematical formulas that power the Google? (This is why nobody.. and we really mean NOBODY except those in the Google Search Quality Insider can guarantee you top ranking in Google organic results via whatever SEO whitehat optimization or blackhat tricks.)

This is the closest you ever got into Google search secrets…

Some interesting facts and quotes

Udi Manber, ex-Amazon search head, now overseas the Google Search-Quality Team.

If there’s some search-related problems, any of Googles 10k plus employees can use its Buganizer system to report it to the Search Quality Team.

Google has preferred pages old enough to attract others to link to them. (comment: yes, history and age does matter, just like a business reputation, longer you stay in business, the more it says about you, generally.)

QDF – Query Deserves Freshness” will actually determine whether a particular search should return “New and Current” content or not. If a topic is “HOT”, for eg a sudden burst of emerging topics carrying out the topic keywords in blogosphere, then most likely the users will want “current information” which Google will choose to return.

Google use over 200 variables (or so called “signals”) to determine the ranking of your web pages. PageRank (PR) is only one of the signal.

Google has a technology called “Classifiers” – it can tell, for example, whether someone is searching for a product to buy, or for information about a place, a company or a person.

Read on…

Want to know more from Amit Singhal? Download his slide below:


Below is the simplified process showing you how the search results are retrieved:

how google works?