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FAQs on iPay88 Online Payment Gateway

1) What are the main services provided through iPay88?
iPay88 is an Internet Payment Switching Gateway through Credit Card (VISA & MasterCard Only), Internet Banking (E-Debit) & Electronic Waller (“E-Wallet”), developed and operated by Mobile88.Com Sdn. Bhd. (Reg No: 521817-M)

If you are a website owner who sells products or services online; or if you run other kinds of e-commerce business and would like to offer a convenient payment for your buyers, you can apply for our iPay88 service to help interface between you and potential buyers. Using iPay88 you can make online credit card payment immediately through the service and when your buyers pay money through the iPay88 system, the system will return the money to you.

2) What credit cards are accepted and how about buyers without a credit card?
Currently, iPay88 accepts two types of credit card:
• MasterCard (
• Visa (

If buyers do not have any credit cards, they can use the popular Internet Banking of the following Malaysia banks:
• Maybank (
• Public Bank (
• CIMB Bank (
• Alliance Bank (
• Hong Leong Bank (
• RHB Bank (
• Bank Islam (
• Ambank (

Or through E-Wallet of:
• Mobile Money (
• PosPay ( (Note: Now suspended)

More details please refer to iPay88 Payment Options


3) How do I get payments from iPay88 and When?

When buyers have paid via iPay88 system, the system will immediately inform the status of payment to store (via online, e-mail and online report) and then the store can deliver its products or services to the buyers.

Payment Settlement on Period Weekly. The settlement cut-off time of every week will be 24:00 (Malaysia Time) of every Sunday. iPay88 will deposit / transfer the weekly settlement sum into a designated bank account of the merchant within 5 working days after the weekly settlement cut-off day.


4) How secure and trustworthy is the iPay88 system?

iPay88 is the same Online Payment Gateway System currently provided by many licensed Financial Institution. For that reason, stores can be certain of iPay88 security and database management. iPay88 is notified as Online Payment Switching Gateway by Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia - BNM) under payment system act in year 2006.


5) What is the advantage of using iPay88 compared with using the Bank Payment Gateway?
The disadvantages of application with Banks are:
  • Deposit of no less than RM50,000 may required.
  • Process of application is complex and long (estimated at least 2 months).
  • Business proposal required for approval.
  • Transaction quota may required.
  • Selective on merchants .
  • Integration with one bank only can use one type of Internet Payment mode.
6) Does iPay88 support Multiple Currencies Type?

No. It only supports Ringgit Malaysia (MYR). It's thus best suited for Malaysia Merchants that would like to sell online locally.


7) How to apply for iPay88?

Send us your details here and we will email you the ipay88 saleskit containing all the application form and step-by-step guide.


8) Fee and Charges for iPay88?

Refer to iPay88 Pricing


9) What Kind of Fraud Protection Does iPay88 Offer?

All orders placed by a consumer are subjected to an automated fraud screening routine. This routine automatically examines each and every order placed. Suspicious orders are reviewed by a trained member of iPay88 risk management team. These orders are canceled if they are deem fraudulent. If the order is susceptible to fraud, iPay88 risk management team will contact the store for further review and action.


10) What products / services can be sold?

Your products/services must be legal for sale in all states, provinces, and countries where you accept customers. As a general rules of thumb, whatever is illegal offline is illegal online.


  • Pornography & Adult Content (included any Adult subscription service and chat)
  • Pre-Adult Content - Pictures, Videos, etc. of Individuals Under the Age of 18 Years
  • Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns
  • Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies
  • Unapproved Drugs
  • Gambling Transactions
  • Replica and Name Brand "Knock Off" Products
  • Time Sharing and Vacation Membership Card
  • Tele-sales / Telemarketing
  • Money Laundering
  • Pyramid Scheme Program

Sites found to be selling banned products or services are subject to immediate account termination, frozen funds, forfeiture of funds, fines, and/or order cancellations, all without notice.


11) What is 3D-Secure (Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode)?

Please refer to e-commerce glossary.

12) Why is the customer stuck on the 3D-Secure loading page?

If the buyer is stuck on the loading page for more than five minutes, it is most likely caused by the issuing bank server. The issuing bank server may be performing maintenance or having an service outage.

The buyer should allow 24 hours and try again and if the issue continues to contact their bank.


13) What is the Buyer's 3D-Secure password?

If the buyer does not know their password, then they will have to go through the "Forgot Password" process or contact the issuing bank. iPay88 cannot offer a solution to bypass this step.

The buyer can skip the password, but this is done by using a different card to make payment.

Almost every issue with 3D-secure will be related to the verification. There should be a "Help" link on almost every bank's 3D-secure page. This "Help" link explains 3D-secure, solutions to common issues and how to contact the appropriate bank.

14) How to verify the payment processed by iPay88?

iPay88 system is integrated with online reporting system. You can login to the report by entering ID and password (provided by iPay88) at the main page. In the report, you able to view:

• All transaction report (include transaction status)
• Daily sales
• Monthly sales
• Etc.

15) Do I need to pay extra if I choose more than one payment options?

No extra charges if merchant request more than one payment option. iPay88 offers all in one online payment solution.

16) Do I have to pay for bank or card company fees in additional of iPay88 transaction fee?

No. iPay88 transaction fee is inclusive of the bank and card company charges.

17) Can I apply iPay88 service if without any bank account in Malaysia?

Yes, but only limited to Online Debiting Service and E-Wallet service. Transfer fee applied.


18) Can iPay88 accept debit card?

iPay88 cannot process Visa and MasterCard debit card at the moment.


19) How do I need receive payment from iPay88?

The payout will be reimbursed via online fund transfer into merchant dedicated bank account. Additional charges (by bank) applied for online fund transfer if any.


20) How can you be sure that iPay88 will pay your income back in allotted time?

The iPay88 Terms and Conditions signed by you clearly defines in detailed and separate articles, that iPay88 will transfer money back to you, defining the allotted time in which it is to be returned, plus any other relevant regulations. If iPay88 breaches the contract, you can take legal action immediately. Both iPay88 Sdn. Bhd (Reg No 726820-X) and Mobile88.Com Sdn. Bhd. (Reg No 521817-M)are legally registered company with a fixed address in Malaysia.


21) How can you be sure that iPay88 will pay your income back in allotted time?

The iPay88 Terms and Conditions signed by you clearly defines in detailed and separate articles, that iPay88 will transfer money back to you, defining the allotted time in which it is to be returned, plus any other relevant regulations. If iPay88 breaches the contract, you can take legal action immediately. Both iPay88 Sdn. Bhd (Reg No 726820-X) and Mobile88.Com Sdn. Bhd. (Reg No 521817-M)are legally registered company with a fixed address in Malaysia.


22) Can I request iPay88 to cancel a transaction or refund to customer?

Merchant is allowed to refund particular transaction to the customer and cancel particular transaction by inform iPay88 to do so. Transaction fee and other fees are not applied here.


23) Any transaction limit per single transaction (or monthly transaction) ?

Every merchant account only allowed processing certain amount (in MYR) in every individual transaction to minimize the risk. The transaction limit may vary for each merchants by looking at the merchant's business setup, business model, risk nature etc.


24) Can I request to increase the transaction limit?

Yes, you can request by sending an official request to iPay88 by stating the vaild reasons. The final adjustment is subject to iPay88 Management Approval.


25) How do I terminate iPay88 service?

Merchant must write in to terminate the account with 30 days prior notice. If the merchant terminates the account, iPay88 will hold back all funds for 180 days until technical windows for charge-back is closed (to provide cover for possible charge-backs).


26) What should I do if the chargeback case happened?

Chargeback is the forced reversal of a transaction by your customer's card issuer. Chargebacks are raised when iPay88 receive notification from their bank that your customer's card issuer has received a 'notice of dispute' from your customer.

The Merchant is responsible for all charge-backs as a result of disputes from their customer. The Merchant is strongly advised to keep records of every sale and delivery invoices (up to 18 months) to be produced as proof in the event of contesting against the chargeback claim.


27) Do I will impose chargeback fees if chargeback case happened?

No chargeback fees will be imposes to merchant. However, iPay88 will hold the said amount until the case is settled. If the merchant charge-back level exceeds 1% for consecutive 3 months, the merchant account will be terminated.


28) I have more than one website. Can I link all their payment to one iPay88 merchant account?

Yes. Merchant just pay additional MYR100 per domain name. If you power up your e-commerce store using webShaper, we have a special bulk discount for purchases for more than 2 domains. Contact for more information.


Note: iPay88 Internet Payment Solution is a service by Sdn Bhd (Reg No: 521817-M). This third party services are governed by their own terms of use and other requirements. You agree to abide by these third party requirements when you access the third party services through the Service. Neowave is NOT responsible nor liable for the services and information provided to you through these third party services.
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