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E-commerce - A perfect sales channel which complements your brick-and-mortar store

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Brick-and-Mortar Retailer Rocks

Are you the owner of an established, traditional brick-and-mortar business considering a move to setup an online store and let your customer order over the web? Do you realize the tremendous benefit you can obtain via online sales channel? When it comes to e-commerce, the first barrier is always about "TRUST" & "CREDIBILITY". Generally speaking, most customers are using the Internet to buy the same products from the same retailers that they already know and trust. If you already running an offline store, we believe you can succeed easily in selling online. Below are some of the instant benefits you can gain. Which means that if your business is not online already, then it should be. Why wait? Read on...

Jupiter estimates that nearly two-thirds of the total online benefit for retailers will be in offline transactions influenced by online experience." A Jupiter Consumer Survey found that 45 percent of consumers have used a retailer's Web sites to research a product before buying it in that same company's store.

Stand out from the competition

A professional webstore is the ultimate equalizer to your biggest competitor! Think BIG! David vs Goliath is made possible thanks to the advancement in Internet and software technology, making it cheaply available to even the smallest business so you can compete more effectively with larger competitors.

Saving your customers a trip to the store

Traffic Jams, Parking Woes? - Nobody escapes these urban nightmares. Why don't you provide an alternative choice for your brick-and-mortar customers? By setting up your own-branded online store, they can shop and pay for your goods at their convenience and comfort and get it delivered to their offices or door steps anytime. Not to mention the online shopping experience can easily extend your brand over the cyberspace.

Low-cost way to expand your business

Expanding your business by building another store? Compared to a new brick-and-mortar store investment, online storefront cost a LOT LESS. A professional and complete e-commerce system starting from USD $1200 can get you a domain, web and email hosting, SEO Shopping Cart Software, SSL & Payment Gateway. Bear in mind that you buy all these tools and services to help you make more money. This investment goes a long way and don't be surprised if it only cost less than a month worth of your offine store rental!


Store Buying Experiences Catalog Buying Experiences Online Buying Experiences

  • Browsing
  • Touching & Feeling Proudcts
  • Personal Services
  • Cash Payment
  • Immediate Gratification
  • Entertainment and Social Interaction

  • Convenience
  • Portability, Easily Accessible
  • Safety
  • Visual Presentation
  • Drive Users to Web Store
  • Phone/Fax Order
  • Credit Card Earning Points

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Broad Selection
  • Great Bargain
  • Detailed & Problem Solving Information
  • Personalization
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Credit Card Earning Points
Multi-channel selling is smart! The strengths in each channel complement the other's weaknesses. Merchants who combine a brick-and-mortar outlet with an ecommerce operation are positioned to move ahead of their competitors. However, these two venues must be fully integrated for best results. The customer expects a consistent experience. Eg. let the customers use their discount coupon both online or at the brick-and-mortar store. For those sites that don't have a brick and mortar outlet, print catalogs are a version of “touch” that works well in conjunction with your online store.


Inexpensive yet Highly Targeted Marketing Channel

When people look for something, they search. It's important to let search engine like Google understand what your product pages is about so they can properly place and rank your website when users search for keywords related to your product offering.

Online store powered by SEO Shopping Cart Software like webShaper e-commerce automatically place all the relevant keywords on Title Tag, Product Picture ALT Tag, Meta Keywords & Description etc. All these are designed to help search engine "understand" your products and services better. It properly conform to the search engine webmaster guidelines that will help you to get indexed and properly listed by GYM (Google, Yahoo & MSN) who dominates the web searches.

Besides, it also helps you to tap into email newsletter marketing, feed marketing via Google Base & SMS Coupon Marketing. All which are very affordable ways of extending your brand and services online. No SPAM please! It's proven that email and SMS marketing work best on an opt-in list (or your existing database). Good news is, if you already running an offline store for quite sometime, chances are you already have a pool of customers database, start from there and you will see more repeat purchase coming in!

Complete Range of Products Selection & In-Depth Info

Choices sell! In-depth product information educates well and sells even better! Nobody does it better than an tireless 24x7x365 online web store. When you sell online, you can even offer other products and services online that would be difficult to carry in a store due to size and space constraints. What's more, you can use your online store to provide in-depth information educating your online prospects about the benefits of the products. Just imagine how cool is it letting your customer have a preview of of how your products works via Youtube?

Easily Automate Cross-Sell and Make more Money

If you've ever been asked if you'd like fries with your burger, then you'll understand the concept of cross-selling. It basically encourages your customers to buy a complementary or related product or service which can have a significant impact on your profitability. You can easily relate multiple products to one prodcuts with just a few click in webShaper e-commerce and thus automate your cross-selling process.

Pre-order done easily

An online store lets you take and process pre-order easily via credit card payment. Imagine for some hot selling products, getting large quantity not just ensure that you don't have Inventory Turnover problem, it also means(with larger quantity) you can negotiate more competitive pricing with the suppliers. It actually cuts bothway and you stand to benefit the most. Amazon is using this pre-order tactics to sell more than 400,000 copies of Harry Porter books even before it's launched.

Increase Customer Value over Lifetime

Every retailers understand that the key to profitability lies in repeat purchase of the customers. You want them to keep buying from you! Setting up your own online store allows your customers to interact with you consistently and conveniently via both online and offline channel. This consistent experience will extend your brand that will increase their loyalty.

Thinking Big - Expand Nationally and WorldWide

Brick-and-mortar stores are limited by the area they can serve; typically in a radius of 20KM or less. But when your business goes online, the dynamics change significantly because your online store can be viewed by virtually anyone in the world. With the advancement in online payment technology, any customers can use credit card to pay for your goods and get it delivered to their door steps.

Drive Traffic to your Brick-and-Mortar Store - Vice Versa!

Regardless of what type of business you operate, traffic to your online store can translate into "qualified" traffic to your brick-and-mortar store, vice versa. Your web store, if leveraged correctly, is going to get you more publicity and exposure outside your natural trade area, which can only mean on thing - Improved Business. Moreover, consumers like multi-channel shopping. Most of them started off doing reseacrh online, which might lead them to buy offline!

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