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Google Base (Froogle) Benefits to Merchants

What is Froogle?

Froogle is a service from Google that makes it easy for online shopper to find information about Products for Sale Online. If your products are not listed in Froogle, you're missing one of the biggest sources of targeted traffic to your online store. And did we mention that it's free?

How does it benefit you (merchants)?

Google's worldwide user base performs more than hundred of millions searches a day. These might be the people actively searching for the items you sell. That presents an enormous opportunity to introduce your products to customers you might otherwise spend lots of money in advertising trying to reach. The bottom line, if you're operating an online storefront, listing your products in Froogle is one of the best (free) way to market to thousands of targeted customers.

How to submit your products to Froogle?

To get your products listed on Froogle, you need to create and submit a data feed. We understand setting up a data feed manually is cumbersome and ineffective. This is exactly why we build in the Froogle Feeder in our webShaper e-commerce software.

Once you have the online product catalogue ready, you can start creating the data feed, here is what you will need to do:

Creating an Froogle Account
Click here to sign up for a Froogle account.

  • First Name (Given Name)
  • Last Name (Surname)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Company
  • Store name
  • Store URL

Please make sure that you ship to the following country:

  • USA

Create a data feed of your product catalogue
The built-in froogle module will help you to create the data feed from your existing product database, easily and quickly.

To create a data feed using our software is a simple process.
In the Froogle module
1) Type the name of the feed exactly as u have specified in Froogle
2) Choose the categories you want to EXCLUDE from the feed, then click the create button
3) Download the feed file

Read more about the data feed.

Upload your feed via FTP
With your Froogle acceptance email, you will also receive the login and password to your FTP account. Please sign in to the account to upload your datafeed file.


Froogle does not accept the following types of sites: Affiliate Sites, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Sites, Comparison Shopping Sites and Mirror Sites. Froogle does not accept the following types of products: Auction items (unless they have a 'Buy It Now' price that remains fixed throughout an auction) and Illegal products.

Read the full details of froogle policies.

Some of the excellent guide found online:

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