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Do you know?

  • Who invented Coupon?

    Coke Free Drink Coupon
  • The first coupon was created by drugstore owner Asa Candler, who in 1894 had just purchased the formula for a new beverage called Coca-Cola. He gave out tickets good for a free drink at his soda fountains. A year later, Post Cereal issued a coupon good for 1 cent off of a box of Grape-Nuts. And the rest was discount history.

    More on Coupon Code from Wiki

SMS Your Coupon & Drive MORE sales!

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SMS Discount Code Feature and More for Online Store

SMS your HOT Deals to your customers' mobile phone

Coupon codes / discount codes are great things to have. Dell - world largest computer maker and one of the world best direct marketers is using SMS to market their products and services; Now, you can BE LIKE DELL too! SMS is a very low cost yet high return technology tool to give your online marketing an edge. It is now available as a standard feature set in webShaper e-commerce!


How does it benefit you as an online merchant?

Customer Service Perspective: Imagine receiving instant SMS notification when your stock runs low so you can replenish your stock fast for continuous smooth operation; Imagine the ability to receive customer contact information for new purchase so you can respond quickly whenever deem necessary. All these will significantly increase your customer service level!

Marketing Perspective: Imagine no more wasted paper on traditional print coupon; Imagine super low cost, yet highly attentive and personal way in getting your promotion out in the face of your valued customers.

All this is now possible with SMS technology, which can help you to reach your customers base fast, easy and cheap. One of the best ways to encourage more repeat purchases from customers is to give them some HOT Deals via SMS coupon code and make them ask for more!

Case Study, SMS - A Simple yet High ROI (Return on Investment) Tool

Assuming you have 100 customers who had already bought from you and you are doing a special promotion for "Product A" which has a standard selling price of $100. Your promotion is about a special 10% discount off for online purchases using a special generated discount code via webShaper e-commerce.

Assume your Gross Profit (GP) is 20% and you have chosen to give a special 10% discount.

Your Gross Profit (After Discount) per "Product A" sold?
$100 x 10% = $10

Your Cost?
100 SMS x $0.10 cents = $10

Volume of Successful Transaction needed to cover the SMS Cost

1 customer purchase will earn you $10 (after the special discount)
2 customers purchases will earn you $20 (after the special discount)
The list continues...

You only need to achieve a 1% CR(Conversion Rate) to cover your cost. Anything more than that will be your Gross Profit.

Judging from the fact that the customer who has purchased from you is very more likely to buy from you again. This is Permission Marketing works at its best. Nothing beats SMS when it comes to cost-effectiveness and deliverability. Realizing this tremendous value, Neowave has built this feature so our customers can fully benefit from the technology that can push up the average revenue per customer as a result of repetitive sales.


How much does it cost?

Currently webShaper e-commerce supports the SMS API from MNC - a reputable Mesdaq listed Mobile Solution Provider in Malaysia. For US, UK, Canada and International customers, we will soon support Clickatell! For any enquiry about International availability please email to

MNC Bulk SMS Sign up Form (comes with GO!SMS SMS Web App)

One time Setup Fee RM100
Starter Pack - 1000 SMS Credits
(no time limit or expiration)
5% Goverment Tax on SMS Credit
RM 5
RM 205

And when you purchase this MNC Package, you will also get to access MNC Bulk SMS Web Application. This means you will be able to use it (your same account) at both webShaper e-commerce and GO!SMS.


What countries are supported?

Currently we have only MNC SMS API built-in as standard of webShaper e-commerce, which by default only supports Malaysia Telcos covering Maxis (+6012,+6017), DIGI (+6016, +6014) and Celcom (+6019, +6013).

If you would like to have the SMS coverage extended to Singapore, HK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Austaralia, UK etc, please email us at to find out about the rates and details.


How does it work with webShaper e-commerce?

Screenshots Features Overview
  • webShaper e-commerce newly built-in SMS features powered by MNC GO!SMS API.
  • Send out Discount Codes, Promotions, New Product Announcement etc to your prospects or customers.

  • You can define your own Sender ID (Naming up to 11 characters which shown on the recipient phone) eg NEOWAVE (7 Characters)
  • Setting Type of SMS Alerts, eg SMS Alert directly to your mobile phone while a new order is placed on top of the email notification
  • Alert Merchants Mobile Number when...
    • New Customer Registration
    • New Pending Order
    • Payment Received
    • Product Needs Reorder
      (Stock Level Low)
    • Product Suspended ( Stock level has reached a limit where you want to suspend it from sale.)
    • Product is Out of Stock

  • Automatically filters out the mobile phones supported by the SMS API only
  • Allows you to send to other phone numbers apart from existing customer contacts
  • Easily copy Active Discount Code and paste it on the text area to be blasted out to clients
  • 160 Characters per SMS only

  • SMS Logging for report purposes

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