Alert: Office Block Caught Fire

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Dear valued clients, partners and friend. Please take note that the power box of our office block (not our office) caught fire and burnt into ashes (well, almost). Luckily, nobody gets hurt in this accident and the fire has been put off in time, else it could be much worse!

The fire took away our electricity supply, our phone line (thus call + broadband), and lift. The whole place smells like a over-baked Chicken BBQ.

For time being until the supply being resolved (probably takes weeks).

For sales enquiry: Please contact Ethan at +6016 238 6246 or Adrian at +6012 2187588.

Or as usual, get in touch with us via Emails:
Support@neowave.com.my for technical related issues and Sales@neowave.com.my for any sales inquiries. We will get back to you as promptly as possible.

Last but not least, all of us are still in one piece. So business as usual. As all team members are equipped with at least a laptop, they are now dispatched and now working in Mobile + SOHO mode.

As you can see, as we are internet based, such incident won’t have major impact on us. But those running retail is not as lucky as us, they are location-based and tied to all the stuff at their stores to run. Out of electricity + communication is a curse to them!

The good thing about doing an online business is, even if you migrate out of country, you can still sell stuffs from your website. So don’t wait, start off an e-commerce business now with webShaper.

cheras business centre fire incident

burn baby, burn!

cheras business centre fire incident

closer look, all wires are now officially turned into ashes.

cheras business centre fire incident

poor lifts just beside also “painted black”

cheras business centre fire incident

a scene of the disaster.

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