About SellMore

sellmorebrain2.gifWe are pleased to welcome you to the official Neowave’s blog – SELL MORE.

So why is the name SELL MORE? You might have known (or noticed) that “SELL MORE” is the Official Tagline for our Online Storefront Software – webShaper e-commerce. But the simple yet catchy tagline is actually the answer born out of our quest of our business model. We were asking ourselves, what business we are in? Is it Software? YES. Is it Solutions? YES… but does it clearly define our goal and business and give us a sense of direction? Clearly NOT! it’s just simply too broad a term!

Soon enough, we started to realize we are in the business of helping other businesses to SELL MORE (it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?). While the software we develop is the ultimate tool cum enabler! Every little things we do or develop, we cannot go wrong if it is going to help our customer to SELL MORE. Hey, if they SELL MORE, we will SELL MORE too. It’s a tagline that applies both way. PERFECT! :)

And then the 2nd question, Why BLOG? There’re basically 3 reasons WHY:

    1) It’s a non-formal way for us to share our random and spontaneous thoughts.
    2) A great place to share tips and other great resources around the web at almost REAL TIME.
    3) Improve our writing skills, with the dream that we can cook up a multi-million selling book like “The Da Vinci Code”, too. **Books doesn’t require support and maintenance, one writer told me that’s exactly why we should write book instead of developing software**

Briefly, “SELL MORE” will be about anything e-commerce (what else?), software development, Internet marketing, and of course, entrepreneurship.

Apart from that, you’ll learn about product improvement(we are firm believer in KAIZEN) as we make them. Hesitate no more, subscribe to our feeds NOW and please do provide us with regular feedback so we can serve you better.

Enjoy reading!