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SSL - What Is It and Why You Need One to Sell Online?

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What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In simplest terms, SSL is a protocol designed to securely transfer information over the Internet. It is widely adopted and used by the payment gateway providers (e.g. Paypal) to secure credit card info while consumers submit their credit card info for online purchase.

Information sent through an SSL link is encrypted so that the information is not tampered with while the transfer is taking place. Even if it's being tapped by malicious hacker, the info is meaningless since it has been encrypted. When users access a page secured with SSL using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, a lock symbol will appear. Please take a look at the pictures below:

A Lock Icon will appear whenever you access a web page secured by SSL
internet explorer Internet Explorer
internet explorer SSL The lock appears at the right bottom (status bar)
firefox Firefox
firefox SSL The lock appears at the right bottom (status bar)
opera Opera
opera SSL The lock appears at the right of URL


Why You Need One to Sell Online?

As a legitimate merchant who sell online, you would want the ability to convert the online store visitors into paying customers. You would want to let your customers know that "YOU ARE WHO YOU CLAIM YOU ARE" so that they feel safe purchasing from you over the internet. This is especially crucial given the nature of the internet where a lot of web visitors might come from other countries. And you can bet that they have never heard of your company before.

Here's how a SSL Certificate comes to play, by purchasing a SSL Certificate from trusted Certification Authority like Verisign, Thawte or Geotrust (Trusted and audited 3rd-Party organization who will validate your details, issue an SSL Certificate containing your details and allowing you to use SSL), your money is well spent for 3 good reasons:


  • AUTHENTICATE YOUR WEBSITE - A SSL Certificate and a Site Seal which appear on your website is a strong proof of "YOU ARE WHO YOU CLAIMED YOU ARE". When customers see this seal, they can click on it and a pop-up window with your certificate details such as domain name, company name, address, country, expiry date of certificate and details of the Certification Authority who issued the certificate will be displayed. This tells the customers that they are actually communicating with you, not a malicious site which is trying to steal their credit card numbers or personal information (also known as Phising).

  • Geotrust Site Seal

    Sample of a Site Seal with Your Company Name and Timestamp on it.

  • SAFEGUARD YOUR CUSTOMER TRANSACTION - SSL Links encrypt all information exchanged between your website and your customers. This ensures that personal information cannot be viewed or tampered with if it is intercepted by malicious hackers. Customers are becoming more educated and aware of the security issues surrounding online transactions. They look at your website and want to make sure their details are safe should they order from you. SSL seal is a reassurance to your customer that you take their interests seriously.
SSL Encryption Basic Diagram
Without using SSL, data is sent through the internet as plain text which could be picked up by a hacker through packet sniffing. With SSL, packet sniffing become useless, as data is encrypted using digital keys by both web browser and the web server. The data would be non-readable as it would appear to be random and nonsensical characters.


  • SECURE YOUR LOGIN TO THE APPLICATION - SSL Link also helps encrypt all information exchanged between your browsers and your online storefront (shopping cart) application. This ensures your login account (username and password) cannot be viewed or tampered with if it is intercepted by malicious hackers. Even the chances are slim, you wouldn't want your login details to be intercepted and being gained unauthorized access to your storefront system.


The fact is, SSL Security is often one of the most overlooked security aspect, especially for the small and medium-size merchants, since it is not an easy to understand product which is technically complicated (not to mention the scary jargons). But the benefits are obvious. We realize the importance of it and thus we also offer SSL Certificates as part of the total e-commerce solutions to our valued clients.

Established online retailer like has been using SSL security to secure their customers' transactions. Why shouldn't you? After all, it's pretty affordable nowadays. We are confident your e-commerce business will benefit greatly from the implementation of SSL Certificate.


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