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Mobile Shopping Cart - Put the Stores in your customers' hands

webShaper Mobile Commerce - Instant Accessibility from Mobiles

Do you know that there are now more mobile phone subscribers in the world (1.4 billion and growing FAST!), than there are landline phones subscribers? US alone has more than 100 Million mobile phone subscribers. While for Malaysia, the number of subscribers is surging pass the 20 Million marks. A staggering number considering we only have a population of about 25 Million. So you can imagine that accessibility to such a huge number of consumers is very tempting indeed for every business.

Mobile phones are cheaper than PC's, there are three times more of them, growing at twice the speed, and they increasingly have Internet access. What is more, the World Bank estimates that more than two-thirds of the world's population lives within range of a mobile phone network. Mobile is going to be the next big Internet phenomenon. It holds the key to greater access for everyone - with all the benefits that entails.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google - By 2010 almost half the world will have access to the mobile web. 60% of all mobile users will use their device to retrieve information at least once a month.

Undisputedly, the mobile phone has become the central of everyone's daily lives. People have become more and more reliant on their mobile phones. Have you ever imagine living a day without her?

Our aim is to make Online Storefront powered by webShaper Stores accessible from any Internet-enabled device, be it the coolest iPhone or the latest Nokia Mobile Phones, over the wireless network Steven Yip, Neowave's Product Manager.

Surf the store from mobileRealizing the Mobile Phones and Devices are increasingly become an important channel for the merchants to reach out to more customers. Neowave has unveiled webShaper Mobile Commerce - a new mobile strategy geared to make Online Store powered by webShaper Stores , accessible from WAP mobile phones, handheld computers and personal digital assistants by the customers 24/7 anywhere.

Benefits for the Merchants

  • Easy access to products' content from the users, anytime, anywhere.
  • Increase Brand Awareness.
  • Drive up attendance to events or visits to a store.
  • Improve Customer Loyalty and Increase Revenues.
  • Let customers shop while away from their computers (coming soon)

Latest Mobile Commerce Trends & News

Note: webShaper Mobile Commerce is an ADD-ON Module on webShaper Stores Solution. You need to sign up for webShaper bizStore to enable this feature.

Mobile Ecommerce Adoption on the Rise

TRIVIA: Do you know in 30 countries around the world, from Aruba to Italy to Hong Kong, mobile phone penetration has past 100 percent (The number of cell phone subscriptions has exceeded the size of the population) ?

Turks & Caicos Islands: 161.8%
Aruba: 150.8%
Luxembourg: 140.7%
Lithuania: 139.9%
Cayman Islands: 136.4%
Netherlands Antilles: 134.0%
Grenada: 133.3%
Israel: 125.9%
Italy: 122.4%
Cyprus: 121.5%
Macau: 121.3%
Bahrain: 117.8%
Greece: 114.7%
Czech Republic: 114.0%
UAE: 113.9%
Jersey: 113.6%
Sweden: 112.5%
Hong Kong: 110.8%
UK: 110.1%
Estonia: 108.6%
Spain: 108.0%
Austria: 107.3%
Ireland: 107.0%
Norway: 106.1%
Antigua & Barbuda: 104.6%
Iceland: 103.3%
Finland: 103.1%
Portugal: 101.3%
Kuwait: 101.1%
Singapore: 101.0%

* Q1-2006 data just released by London-based Researcher Informa Telecom & Media



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