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Web Design Partner Program
Web Design Partner
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webShaper CSS Template System
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webShaper e-commerce
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e-catalog design & integration guide
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Looking for Shopping Cart for your clients?


Instantly add e-commerce to your list of capability

Looking for a reliable, feature-rich, commercially proven Shopping Cart Software or E-catalog Solution for your clients? Look no further, you have come to the right place. Join us as Web Design Partner and bundle webShaper software solutions together with your design and services to Profit More!

If HTML and CSS are your thing, voila!  Design and deploy a customized webstore design for your clients made more easily, more quickly and more profitably with webShaper CSS Template System. It gives you more time to focus on what you do best designing great websites and expanding your design business.


Top 5 Reasons to Join


Create good looking & functional
store for your customers

Without any programming skills you can give your client's web store a facelift, only via CSS and HTML. It's all made possible by Neowave's innovative webShaper CSS Template System which seperate the design from the funtionality. webShaper CSS Template System allows you to build online stores totally integrated with your client's existing or new website design, and the user-friendly interface of webShaper Control Panel will enable your clients to manage all aspect of their online store.

Within webShaper control panel, you can easily switch different templates based on the seasons holidays. Not forgetting the ability to create unlimited static content pages.


The first massive benefit of webShaper e-commerce is the access to the source code of the templates, which allowed us to bespoke the pages and layout to an infinite degree. This along with the tag based components and page sections (header, footer, columns etc.) allowed us intregate and manage the rollout smoothly. Again, direct access to files such as .css and .js meant we could put our own personal touches in without compromising the product with ‘hackeWd-in' modifications. The freedom to do this within such a comprehensive package is rare but has meant we achieved everything the design and spec needed quickly.

Stephen Elldred Web Designer, UK


Extra profit complementing your existing business model

When you offer your client software solution which complements with your core design service, you immediately raise your profile status and service level of your business. Best part is, you will achieve extra profit in a way that complements your existing business model.

E-commerce solution is an added value proposition that can help you to maintain customer loyalty. It doesn't end here, check out the extra list of money-making opportunity following the webShaper e-commerce offering.


Fast turnover time

Time is money. Ironically, money cannot buy time. Use a software package such as webShaper will save you something money cannot buy. It enable you to deliver the e-commerce / e-catalog solution to your clients within a short period of time at much lower cost. In this fast moving world, speed is of essense and it's made even faster with webShaper CSS Template System which let you modify the template on the fly using an AJAX-editor in webShaper control panel.


You are in total control

You don't need to purchase domain names and web hosting from us as we don't provide any of these! You are in the driver seat - IN TOTAL CONTROL. If you are running a web design firm, You are most likely already reselling some web hosting services to your clients. You can just use back your existing host (as long as they provide Windows hosting that meets the requirement, of course). It perfectly complements your existing business model.


We don't compete with you

Unlike a lot of ecommerce solution providers which trying to up-sell web design to the customer who purchased their software. We have make a strategic decision not to offer any customized design (One confession - we suck at design) to the customer.

Neowave focuses on nothing but building the best e-commerce software tools to help merchants to capitalize on the Internet to SELL More online. Our realiable products, market recognition and brand name allow your business to easily garner customer confidence.

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