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Extra Revenue Opportunity

Other Money-Making Opportunity with webShaper

In addition to the great discounts and support you enjoy, below are a list of services you could offer in complement with the webShaper e-commerce and e-catalog to Profit More!

E-commerce Store Setup

Time is money! Some customers are willing to pay good money to buy time. You can profit more by offering Product Merchandizing services (Upload photos, products details etc) and Store Setup (Shipping, Payment etc) services to your customers.

Customized Web Store Design

Standard templates provided by webShaper are never good enough. Every business likes a unique outlook of their online store that reflects their unique identity and brand. Just focus on your design (what you do best) and have it easily integrated with webShaper by using the CSS Template System.

Site Integration

Integration work will follow after you have confirmed the mockup with the clients and start splitting the mockup into CSS and HTML. Integration is a professional service you can impose to your customer and profit more.

Store Maintenance

Some clients lack manpower to take care of the store maintenance. You can have a recurring income by charging for maintaining your client's store, inventory, and keeping the products information up to date.

Product Shots

A good product picture SELLS! Most customers don't have the skills to shoot a professional-looking product pictures or simply just ain't enough time for this. You can earn a good income by offering them these complementary services.

Website Promotion

Online store without marketing is like an isolated island. Nobody will know about you! In fact, this is one of the most important services you can offer to the merchants. You can earn big bucks listing them in search engines, providing PPC Campaign Management, Newsletter Design, Banner Advertisement Design, Ad Copywriting and more!

Domain Names and Hosting Services

Most likely you are already reselling some domain name and web hosting services. You can still continue to resell services from your current host (as long as they provide Windows hosting that meets the requirement) as we don't provide any domain name registration or hosting services!

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