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How Mobile Money Works?

1. Customer That Purchase Online from an E-commerce Website (powered by webShaper e-commerce software)

Check out the detailed process flow exclusively prepared by Neowave, the first to integrate Mobile Money Weblink into its shopping cart software. It will show you how a customer buy and pay using Mobile Money from an e-commerce website powered by webShaper e-commerce software. Check out the screen shots* section NOW!

* The showcase is a real working example of a demo store. With approval from, we utilize their website design for illustration purpose ONLY.

For a detailed Mobile Money Payment System Process Flow, please download the PDF File below.

Mobile Money Payment System Process Flow

Mobile Money Payment Gateway System - An Overview of System Process
File Type: PDF, Size: 420KB

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the form. If you don't have this software, you can download it for free.


2. Pay by Mobile Phone Number
(Applies to customer purchase from merchant's brick-and-mortar store or Remote Payment)

Customer choose to pay via Mobile Money for the goods and services from participating merchants.

Customer gives merchant his/her mobile number via phone, fax, email etc.


Merchant can bill the customer via IVR, Mobile Money website or SMS. When merchant requests for payment with customer's mobile number, Mobile Money sends an SMS with a Bill Reference Number to customer requesting customer to to reply with their 6-Digit Security PIN to approve the payment. (Refer to Sample Screen P1.1 )

P1.1: Customer Receiving Payment Request via SMS from Merchant. Screen 1 and 2 are showing messages from 1 SMS Only.

Customer authorizes payment by replying the SMS with the Bill Reference Number and customer's 6-digit SECURITY PIN. (Refer to Sample Screen P1.2)

Mobile Money authenticates customer's SECURITY PIN and requests for bank approval on transaction.

(In this illustration, 001 is the Bill Reference Number while 123456 is the security PIN. In simpler terms, 001 means it is the 1'st SMS request for payment, 002 means the 2'nd, 003 means the 3'rd and the number increases. )

Customer Replying the SMS with their PIN CODE.

Upon receipt of bank's confirmation to debit customer's mobile credit account or mobile Debit account, Mobile Money will send a payment notification with details to merchant as well as customer. (Refer to Sample Screen 1.3)

P1.3: Customer Receiving Notification from Mobile Money.

Merchant can deliver the goods / services.


This page is for information purpose only. For latest news and update on Mobile Money, always refer to the official website at


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