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List Your Company in Mobile Money SOS (Search Our Shop) SMS Directory

Are you aware of this opportunity? Over 16 millions mobile phone users on the move could easily locate your products and services from every corner in Malaysia.

It's absolutely FREE to list your business on Mobile Money SOS (Search Our Shop), which functions like a Yellow Pages or Directory. The only major difference, it's a very localize search which let mobile phone users locate you via POST CODE.

Just complete this simple registration as follow and you'll be able to enjoy the convenience and accessibility that Mobile Money brings to you.

Logon to

For first time users, just type PWRD and sms to 66123.

Your mobile phone number will be your login ID. Just login using the password received from SMS.

Input your company details.

More details about your company products and services.

Input the SMS response to the customer.

You are done! Just follow the instructions below to see if you are successfull listed!


How to search?

Type MM <product/service> and <postcode> in SMS and send to 66123 .

  MM E-commerce 56100  

1) Type MM E-commerce 56100 and send the SMS to 66123.
  Your Request for E-commerce: NEOWAVE 0391305218  

2) Results returned by Mobile Money (Try it to see for yourself!)


How further enquiries on Mobile Money SOS?

If you have any extra enquiries on Mobile Money SOS application, please contact Janice/Jacky at 03-8073 0200 Ext. 133 for assistance.


This page is for information purpose only. For latest news and update on Mobile Money, always refer to the official website at


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