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Mobile Money Pricing

Registration Fee* RM 100 for Retailers per registration
RM 300 for Corporate Clients
Stamp Duty* RM 10
Inter-bank Fund Transfer Rate** RM 0.50 per fund transfer
Effective Transaction Fee***

1.5% (Mobile Phone Number)
2.5% (weblink for e-commerce website)


* Registration Fee and Stamp Duty will be charged by Mobile Money after the 10th transaction using Mobile Money Payment System.

** Interbank Fund Transfer is ONLY APPLICABLE if one or more bank account(s) used by Merchant to receive payment for Mobile Money transaction is NOT with any one of Mobile Money Panel Banks. The panel banks are Hong Leong Bank, Bank Bumiputra Commerce, HSBC, Citibank and Alliance Bank. This fee will be charged by Mobile Money at the beginning of the next month for the current month's inter-bank fund transfer.

*** A minimum Transaction Fee of RM0.60 per transaction will be charged.


This page is for information purpose only. For latest news and update on Mobile Money, always refer to the official website at


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