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E-catalog Software Benefits


webShaper e-catalogue is the fastest way to establish a proven online catalogue for your business. Best of all, it's only a one-time investment! Take a look at the list of business benefits that it offers:


  • Reduce Your Marketing COST - Most businesses rely heavily on hardcopy of product literature for sales & marketing activity. It is costly to design, print and distribute the materials. With webShaper e-catalogue, you can convert all the product info into digital format (like Adobe PDF Format) which your customer can get instant access regardless of time and place.

  • Reduces TIME in Maintaining an Up-to-Date Product Catalogue - Time is MONEY. webShaper e-catalogue enables you to take full control and change the product info, prices, product pictures, or even attach digital marketing literature (e.g. Technical Specification) created in PDF format without much hassle. All you need to do is login through a browser and you can update the content yourself from your office, home, laptop, or even when you're traveling. No more excuses for not updated products information which can help you SELL!

  • Quicker Time to Market for New Products - Your customers demand the product info fast and they demand it NOW! With an ever competitive business environment, the ability to distribute new product info, quickly change prices and capturing quality enquiries lead to market opportunities and put you one step ahead of your competitors.

  • Rapid Searching of Your Online Catalogue - Search is one of the most powerful interactive features the Internet has to offer. webShaper e-catalogue helps customers find their targeted products with ease without the need to browse through pages of product information. This is one of the very strong advantages which online catalogue has to offer. Furthermore, the standard template that comes with webShaper e-catalogue already integrated with Google Free web search, which lets visitors search your whole website which is indexed by Google.

  • 24/7 Sales Tool & and Powerful Email Marketing Tool - When you turn your website into an online catalogue, your customers can access it whenever they desire, 24/7, virtually from any computer with an Internet connection. It is one of the most useful sales tools your sales personnel would ever need.Not to mention it will generate valuable leads for your business too.

  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED (SEO) - One feature called Product Map in webShaper e-catalogue helps you generate a full listing of your product offering in ONE PAGE to be easily indexed by search engine like Google, Yahoo! & MSN. Don't be surprised to be discovered by your potential customers!

  • Multiply the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Your Print Advertisement - Whenever you advertise on Yellow Pages, White Pages, Trade Magazines or Newspaper, you have only limited space to showcase your products offering. You can simply makes the advertisement to "work harder" for you by including your website address (online catalogue URL) on every single advertisement which will divert the audiences to check out the full product offering and details available.

  • Deal with More and Better Quality Enquiries in Less Time - By empowering your customer or even your potential customers by letting them freely browse through the list of products info you offer, you actually educate them about your products and services. It directly reduces the time you spend on pre-sales FAQs and generate more quality enquiry which leads to sales.

  • Improving Online Perception of Company Size and Quality - A well designed & structured online catalogue can significantly boost your customer confidence in doing business with you. If you think the standard template bundled is not good enough, we will recommend our web design partners (WDP) that can provide high quality web design services which integrates nicely with our software at a reasonable price.

  • Understand Your Visitors and Traffics Sources - webShaper e-catalogue smartly integrates 2 of the most popular web statistical tools, namely StatCounter and Google Analytics (Did we tell you it's FREE?). The customer only need to paste the Tracking Code into webShaper e-catalogue and the tracking of your entire online catalogue begins immediately. It's that simple. These tools will tell you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. By understanding more, you will be able to revise your marketing plan accordingly that can greatly improve your conversion rate.

  • The Most Complete Product Catalogue - webShaper e-catalogue can easily handle up to 10,000 products. Your business can simply increase the choice of products offered without the need to increase square footage ground rent. It's cost effective and environmental friendly.


Not convinced yet? Feel free to contact us for further details and let us do an evaluation for you!


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