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ASP / Online Catalog Software for Windows Server

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Online Catalog Software Features

webShaper e-catalogue is the fastest way to established a proven online catalogue for your business. Take a look at the list of features available, we are confidence that you will find webShaper e-catalogue beneficial:

  • User Friendly Interface (GUI) - webShaper GUI is designed to be CLEAN & USER FRIENDLY. (Most of our customer also think the same). We also strive to reduce "Clicks" needed to perform certain functions. E.g. the Tree-view Navigation on Product Catalogue Manager is designed to mimic Windows Explorer. Any windows users with basic Microsoft Office skills will like our e-catalogue software.
  • Product Catalogue Manager - Create unlimited categories, sub categories and products. Intuitive Tree-view navigation eases the browsing and creation of category and products.
  • Product Import - Upload bulk products with only a few clicks! Import products using a Microsoft Excel file to quickly add or update products to your online catalogue. Sample File is provided within the software.
  • Product Map - Special feature that automatically generate a page which contains a complete list of your product to be crawled by Search Engine and GET FOUND!
  • Search Products - The quickest and easiest way to find specific information is to search for it. Target search via name, description, price, status and category helps you locate the product instantly instead of browsing through the tree-view navigation.
  • Free Google Web Search Built-In - Our standard e-catalogue front end template comes integrated with Free Google Web Search. It will help your website to get indexed too!
  • Google Translation Built-In - Our standard e-catalogue product page comes pre-built with Free Google Translation service too. Easily empower your visitors to convert your page of into into their preferred language, It's not always accurate YET (beta), but it can at least give your visitors a hint on your product information!!

    Eng > German

    Eng> Spanish

    Eng> French

    Eng> Italian

    Eng > Portuguese

    Eng> Japanese

    Eng > Korean

    Eng > Chinese
    Flags provided by
  • Relate Products - Let you associate products which might be complement to each other. E.g. Relate a Bluetooh handsfree to a mobile phone.
  • Products Attachments - Let you associate documents (or a http link to document in 3rd party website) to a product. E.g. associate a technical specification document to your product.
  • Instant Preview - Instantly preview your category or product page with just one click once you have created it.
  • Image Manager - Support multiple upload of images(GIF, JPEG, JPG & PNG), image search and creation of folders to group your relevant images. Upload and associate images with product or content via the browser.
  • File Manager - No need for FTP program. Support multiple upload of files, files searches and creation of folder to group your relevant files. Upload and associate file attachment to your products via the browser.
  • Enquiry Manager - A simple web enquiry tools to manage and keep track of every single enquiry from the web. You would not have to lose track of a single enquiry again.
  • Subscribers Manager - Manage your list of newsletter subscribers or customer email list. Easily group them into multiple groups for targeted newsletter campaign.
  • Newsletter - Helps you to create newsletter and blast it to your subscribers or customer group with just 3 Clicks.
  • News Manager - A simple WYSIWYG News Creation Tool that helps you create or edit company related news on the fly.
  • Featured Products - Promote your products by featuring them on your most prominent Home Page with just two clicks.
  • Automated Breadcrumbs Navigation - Let users navigate potentially large quantities of catalog information efficiently, without becoming lost.
  • Website Statistic - Wonder who have visited your website? Where are they coming from? You can find all the answers from this 3rd party web statistical tools like Statcounter & Google Analytics. We have build in an interface which let you easily install both the statcounter & Google Analytics code to keep track of every single page of your e-catalogue.
  • Role Based User Administration - Create an unlimited number of users, each of which can have different permissions to create and modify the content & settings of each module.
  • Activity Logs - A list of activity logs tracks back every user's login to your e-catalogue system.
  • General Setting - Let you configure your company information, email setting, product & category display option etc.
  • WYSIWYG Editors - Add and edit product info using the integrated W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor and create rich text, insert pictures, links etc directly through Internet Explorer. NO HTML Knowledge Required!
  • SEO Standard Template - Our standard e-catalogue template are fully search engine optimized. Search engines such as Google can now properly index all product pages, allowing visitors and potential customers to find you faster. The layout will be compatible (look the same) for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari!
  • No Component Requires - webShaper e-catalogue is developed using Microsoft ASP & Technology, including HTML, JavaScript, DHTML and XML. There are no ActiveX, Java or other 3rd party components to install, which means will works with almost all windows hosting platform.
  • Free Installation - Let our developer install webShaper e-catalogue on your web server at no extra cost. Simply email us your FTP account details, and we'll take care of the rest.
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